Who We Are

There is a higher vision of education advocated throughout the ages that speaks to all aspects of human development. At the core of this ideal is the conviction that the more noble virtues that bring about the refinement of society need to be the guiding principles for all aspects of a teacher’s behaviour and recognized as the foundation of every part of the curriculum and school policies.

Today there are many who would see themselves as being part of a world-wide group of citizens – teachers, scientists, businessmen, lawyers, parents, psychologists and concerned others – who believe that, unless our present civilisation regains its moral compass, we are on a fast track to an ecological and humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.

Because it is so difficult for adults to change our hope lies with the future of today’s children, all of whom still remain within reach of their innate goodness and wisdom. Our long-term goal is for every child in the world to have free access to a values-based education that prepares them for maximizing and utilizing their intelligence and skills for their own self-transformation and for the welfare of all of humanity.

As noted earlier the key pedagogical principle guiding this reforming collective is that Transformation of the Heart must be at the forefront of all aspects of a school’s policies and teaching practices. The emphasis first and foremost is to encourage students, teachers, parents and members of the community to strive towards becoming exemplars in living all of the more noble human values. Credible research indicates that such a focus enhances academic diligence in the children as well as bringing forth from within each one their inborn moral character and feelings of wellbeing.

Groups like the Global Alliance for Values-based Education (GAVE) are determined to reverse the current trend of the commercialisation of knowledge and herald a new goal of encouraging all teachers, education reformers, parents and individual citizens to commit themselves to an ongoing self-transformation so as to become inspiring role models for our children.